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Welcome to
Jaded Lusion Productions

the heavens’ embroidered cloths
Inwrought with golden and silver light

The blue
and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light

I would spread
the cloths under your feet
But I, being poor, have only my dreams

I have spread
my dreams under your feet
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams

About Us

We established ourselves in White River just over seven years ago. Since then we have produced over 90 wedding videos for both local and international clients. Our belief is to produce the very best in quality when it comes to your wedding video and so we film and also edit both in HD to ensure your special day is captured and remembered as it should be for all time…

We have gained a reputation as the leading wedding video supplier in the province due to our passion for what we do…

Sample Videos

We have developed three wedding video packages at various prices to suit your needs covering part or all of your special day…


No Frills

Package Includes Filming of:
• The Venue
• The Ceremony – 2 Cameras
• Couple After the Ceremony
• 4 Hours or Until 6pm
• Extra Hours Upon Request
• A Leather Bound USB Stick With Your HD Wedding Video

R7 000.00
Middle of The Road

Package Includes Filming of:
• The Venue
• The Ceremony – 3 Cameras
• Family Photos
• Couple After The Ceremony
• Speeches
• Cutting of The Cake
• First Dance
• 8 Hours or Until 10pm
• Extra Hours Upon Request
• A Leather Bound USB Stick With Your HD Wedding Video + Extras Included

R11 000.00
Bells & Whistles

Same As The Middle of The Road Package Including Filming of:
• Bride & Groom Getting Ready (At Venue Only)
• Bouquet & Garter
• Interviews With Family & Friends
(Your Choice)
• 10 Hours or Until 10pm
• Extra Hours Upon Request
• A Leather Bound USB Stick With Your HD Wedding Video + Extras Included

R15 000.00

Complete our online booking form and we’ll let you know if we’re available…

Make A Booking

Please complete the form below to make a booking and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to confirm if your date is available and then secure your booking…


R 0.00

Travel Expenses & Overnight Accommodation May Also Be Applicable Depending On The Location of Your Venue *

The Jaded Lusion Productions logo, pictures, graphics and videos found on the website are owned and copyright protected by Jaded Lusion Productions.

Jaded Lusion Productions operates using state of the art equipment and software produced by the best in the business, Sony, Tascam and Apple. Our equipment is carefully maintained so you can be assured of getting the best quality when it comes to your video.

Jaded Lusion Productions, for now, operates as a one camera unit in the filming of your wedding using the latest in High Definition camera and professional audio recording equipment producing broadcast quality images and sound. On the day of your wedding only one camera/sound person will be there to cover your event and this comes inclusive of the price.

Upon contact requesting Jaded Lusion Productions to film your wedding, a booking form will be emailed you depending on whether or not we are available on the day of your event. We request you return your completed booking form to us by email to [email protected]. You can also book our services securely online at weddingvideo.jadedlusion.com

After receiving your completed booking form/online booking we will send you an invoice in order for you to pay your 50% deposit for your chosen package as soon as possible. Until we receive your deposit we will be unable to confirm your booking with Jaded Lusion Productions. This may lead to a loss of your booking on your requested date.

You will be expected to settle your remaining balance within two weeks (14 days) after your wedding. Please be advised that any cancellation prior to your wedding, on your part, will result in the loss of your paid deposit to cover our costs. Non-completion of your payment will also result in your completed video/USB stick being withheld.

An invoice for each individual payment to be made will be emailed to you in advance and confirmation of payment and a receipt will be sent to you via email or post once your payment has cleared. We accept payment by electronic bank transfers or via PayPal using your credit/debit card for international clients only (6% service fee applies). Cash deposits will incur an extra bank service fee charge of 2% of the amount deposited.

It is the responsibility of you the client to ensure that we have the full permission from the church/venue to film on the premises on the day of your wedding before the date the wedding is to take place.

Should, for any reason, the date of your wedding change you will be expected to please inform us as soon as possible as any money paid to us may be lost if we are unable to attend on your new date. Extra charges may also apply if your venue is changed for any reason after completing your original booking with us.


If you request for us to continue filming beyond the total hours or after the end time stipulated for your chosen package, please be advised that an extra charge of R1150.00 per hour or part there of will apply.

Vehicle and fuel charges come into effect for every kilometre outside of our 20km radius from White River charged at R5.90/km. Any toll fees that may be incurred traveling to your venue will be included on your final invoice. Distances over 60km’s may require overnight accommodation at your expense including vehicle and fuel charges.

Any media taken by Jaded Lusion Productions may be used for the future promotion or marketing of Jaded Lusion Productions whether on the website, show reel or printed media to third parties. In this instance, the client’s personal details will be withheld and only visuals will be used for promotion unless a specific request, by you the client, is made to remain completely private.

Any RAW unedited footage requested will be charged accordingly at a rate of R1 000.00 per day to transfer to USB stick/s or R850.00 onto your own storage device excluding postage/courier fees. Under no circumstances will any media containing the original RAW footage of your wedding be supplied as part of your wedding package and remains the property of Jaded Lusion Productions. RAW footage will only be stored for a maximum of 6 months after the date of your wedding. Following this, it will then be permanently deleted to make way for new projects.

The duration to complete the editing/production of your wedding would be expected to take between four to six weeks after being filmed. This time, however, may fluctuate depending on the work involved and our existing commitments.

Postage of your USB stick is inclusive of each package, only within South Africa, to your nearest Postnet. A request for your package to be sent by courier will be charged as an extra expense. Postage or courier costs to overseas clients is not inclusive and will be added onto your final amount depending upon which option you choose.

Any personal photographs supplied by you the client for insertion onto your USB stick remain the property of the client and will under no circumstances be used for promotional purposes unless agreed to by the client at the request of Jaded Lusion Productions. As well as any music provided by the client, the music specifically requested would only be used in the production of your wedding and will not be copied or stored.

Any music produced by Jaded Lusion Productions to accompany your video remains the property and exclusive rights of Jaded Lusion Productions and may be used in other productions however is inclusive of the price quoted.

If, for any reason, we are unable to attend your wedding on the date set due to unforeseen circumstances i.e. transport breakdown or an act of God, you will receive a full refund of any money paid. We will not be held liable to claims due to cancellations on your part or due to equipment failure such as video or audio loss on the day of your event as we ensure all our equipment is serviced and maintained regularly.

A copy of these terms and conditions will be supplied along with your booking form and forms part of your contract with Jaded Lusion Productions upon signing the booking form and us confirming your booking.

We reserve the right to adjust these terms and conditions at our discretion without prior notice.

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